Wes Seaba
Project Design & Production Manager

Wes works with immeasurable effort to cultivate an appreciation for the value that consistent concerted effort and work ethic brings in the pursuit of quality and continued growth. Wes endeavors to help direct FrankNDesign in its pursuit to advance the industry by using each challenge or problem as an opportunity to improve upon existing methods and provide more effective solutions. This mindset enables the provision of increasingly higher value deliverables to the client, which ultimately serve to close the gap between idealized initial design concept and oftentimes compromised final design reality.

Wes’ background in engineering, architecture, design, and construction has left him uniquely well-rounded and appropriately suited to manage high-level design and production efforts on complex, multi-disciplinary projects. Wes has a rare personal passion for working collaboratively with themed entertainment clients, owners, and operators to develop well-planned, cohesive, and elaborate projects that serve to inspire, captivate, and encourage others.
Featured Projects
Universal’s Epic Universe
Magic Kingdom Park -  WDI Project MK2
1220 E. 12th Street House​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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