Virtual production for projects that draw people together.

We create collaborative, comprehensive, multipurpose 3D models and documentation that will bring your ideas to life. 
Our detailed information rich content aids architects, engineers, and general contractors in their understanding of the creative design intent. Our integrated models allow teams to assess a concept from multiple perspectives and anticipate issues before anything is ever built.

Multi-discipline integrated models visualized in real-time

Detailed documentation models can be used for previsualization and on-site art direction

Our process simplifies your project.
FrankNDesign leverages the latest technology and digital design tools to provide solutions for creative, themed entertainment, and hospitality clients. 
We break down design silos and centralize project information into a single, accessible, data-rich virtual environment.
Our information-rich 3D Models allow project stakeholders to estimate costs more accurately, identify conflicts, and propose solutions early in the design process. 

Communicate constructability through detailed visuals and estimate costs using our detailed schedules

Render images or videos for explaining creative intent, assisting in-field art direction, or marketing projects using the exact same documentation models

Our services have your team covered.
FrankNDesign facilitates effective and efficient collaboration amongst all disciplines, enhances coordination, forecasts issues, and presents virtual time and money saving solutions before and during construction.
FrankNDesign has a proven ability to deliver award winning results.
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